WE all like to think we are good drivers whose judgement is excellent in all circumstances.

Unfortunately, this is patently untrue so we need official curbs on how we drive to ensure that we stay within the law and also drive sensibly.

Like them or loathe them, speed cameras are one of the most effective devices in the campaign to keep us all safe on roads and motorways and to stop some of us giving in to our inner racing driver.

And one of the best places to see just why we need speed cameras is St Peter’s Way in Bolton.

I never drive along there without wondering if there is more than one set of rules being applied to drivers. While a decent proportion will keep within the speed limit and drive in a way that acknowledges and respects other road-users, there is a significant number of other drivers who definitely do not.

These are the idiots who adopt their own speed limit, irrespective of the signs. They tear up the outside lane for large sections of the highway, only to slam on the breaks – possible nipping into a line of motorists adhering to the speed limit – and causing potential mayhem.

They seem to believe that the speed limit just applies to the small area of markings around the cameras and so hurtle along between these sections like Jenson Button on a good day.

Now, though, they may find it difficult to drive “their” way because a new £300,000 set of speed cameras is to be installed on St Peter’s Way which will record average speeds. And the good news is that it will be paid for entirely through funding secured from Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM).

Cllr Nick Peel uses the A666 on a regular basis so he completely understands the manic mentalities of some drivers on this highway. He points to the fact that, though it had a reputation may years ago for car crashes, this had been improved by speed cameras.

However, some motorists understood that the cameras have not always been working and so it was open season on speeding. “This new system will put a stop to that,” he stated.

There are times when we definitely need protecting from ourselves and this is one of them. Speeding kills, we know that. So, at last, there will be a system that truly protects us all.

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